Why Us

Straight Medical Labs was developed after our medical staff simply got tired of the high cost of supplements and meal replacements due to multiple layers of marketing and mark ups.

Increased profits to the manufacturer means decreasing ingredient quality and a higher cost to the end user. We decided enough is enough. Our production facility uses state-of-the-art manufacturing processes with high product output allowing us to use higher quality ingredients at a lower cost.
This allows us to use non-GMO, natural, and functional ingredients while maintaining a reasonable cost to the end-user.

We also maintain a low profit margin enabling you to deliver the product at a reasonable cost to your customers.

Our team has been a pioneer in functional ingredient formulation and development. We own multiple proprietary blends using unique ingredients that have been proven to help and improve the health of the consumer.


“I used to be a gymnast in high school and through my 30’s, most people would consider me very healthy and fit. Through my 40’s and early 50’s, that all changed. I just took my eye off and slowly but surely, I became obese. I’m not proud of this but it happens when you become undisciplined over a period of time. I tried many diets but I’d find some reason to eat unhealthy again in a short time and put on more weight than I had before the diet. I ended up weighing 202 pounds at a height of 5’6″. Not good! A little over a year ago I had a rude awakening. I was on vacation and I received a disturbing message from a good friend. Her husband just suffered a major stroke and is wheelchair bound. Now this was a mid 50’s, overweight, professional male whose life has taken a huge blow. I had no choice but to look at myself in the mirror and see that I was heading down that same path if I didn’t manage my weight. I was determined and committed but continued to be frustrated by very slow weight loss and minimal waist size loss after months of dieting. I heard about the Straight Medical Labs program and decided to give it a try. My weakness is sweets so eating cookies sounded perfect for me. I was amazed at how easy the diet was and how effective it worked. In 4 weeks I had lost around 16 pounds and about 2 inches around my waist. That encouraged me to continue and I lost about 12 pound the next month. In no time I was down from 202 to 158 and my waist shrank from a 44 to a 34. This was the easiest and most effective diet I have ever done. My patients tell me the same thing. I recently went on a cruise and gained 10 pounds. I ate a lot! I immediately got back on the diet when I got back home and lost that weight in less than 2 weeks. I’m sold on the Straight Medical Labs plan. Ken and Dr. Sass are awesome to work with and I recommend this program strongly.”

Dr Z. Chiropractor

“At AGI Medical & Dental Center, we are committed to optimizing the longevity of our patients through wellness and prevention. Straight Medical Labs has been an integral part of our wellness and weight management programs. The NLAL body contouring has been extremely popular with our patients resulting in decreased inches, reduction in body fat and improvement in overall health outcomes. Coupling the NLAL with the easy to use Straight Medical Labs meal replacements and supplements has been an incredibly beneficial method for our patients by increasing metabolism and consequently losing inches. As a result, it has been an excellent revenue generator for the practice in addition to a successful and easy to use health tool for our patients. Thank you Straight Medical Labs for introducing us to these safe and scientifically proven weight loss products! They have been an invaluable addition to our practice.”

AGI Medical and Dental Centers